This is getting ridiculous

Rother replied remarkably quickly to my two latest requests, with exactly the same response as before: effectively rejecting them out of hand.

In doing some more research into the various reasons that they’ve given I came across the “Code of Practice on the discharge of public authorities’ functions under Part I of the Freedom of Information Act 2000“.

In the section on Complaints Procedures, I discovered:

Authorities should set their own target times for dealing with complaints; these should be reasonable, and subject to regular review. Each public authority should publish its target times for determining complaints and information as to how successful it is with meeting those targets.

I went looking for these on Rother’s website, to no avail. In fact they don’t even seem to have a “Freedom of Information” section at all. They have an A-Z of council services that is actually a shared directory with the other councils in the area. Under the “Freedom of Information” entry there, each of the other three councils have links to the relevant section of the websites, but Rother only have contact details for their FoI officer.

One of the things that Rother seems to be complaining about with WhatDoTheyKnow requests is that the information is automatically published to the web. The information on complaints handling is meant to be published publicly, so I’ve requested it. I’m hoping that I won’t just get exactly the same response again, but with Rother very little would surprise me at this point.

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