Every now and again I come across someone making the claim that TV Licensing, the often quite nasty people who collect license fees by rather dubious means, are a distinct organisation from the BBC, who merely get the benefit of the cash but aren’t responsible for collecting it.

Although this is complete nonsense it doesn’t help that the BBC themselves try to muddy the waters somewhat by proclaiming at any available opportunity that TVL doesn’t even really exist as a proper entity, but is a conglomeration of private companies to whom the BBC contract out all that nasty business.

These days it seems that even the people who beat on your door and try to weasel their way into your house to prove that you’re lying about not having a TV aren’t even employed by the contracted companies, but are self-employed, and no doubt paid largely on “results”.

At core, however, no matter how many levels of indirection there are between the people banging on your door and the BBC themselves, the BBC are directly responsible for the whole process, and I was curious as to how many people the BBC directly employ to manage all the contractors.

It turns out that the answer is 27.6 full-time-equivalent staff in the TV Licensing Management Team. At some stage, if no-one else beats me to it, I’ll follow up for a categorisation of the roles and payscales.

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