Job Advertising Spends

Belfast City Council are a fairly large organisation. They employ a lot of people (I can’t find exact numbers, maybe I should enquire!), and always seem to be advertising for more!

So I requested a breakdown for each of the the last three years of the number of job ads placed, and how much this cost. I am all too aware from experience that advertising for jobs is expensive, but I was a little stunned for the total figure to be over £700,000 for three years.

I was also slightly surprised that very little of this was online. £1,375 in 2006/7 and nothing at all last year. I don’t know if this meant they experimented with it for a while and it didn’t work, or if they just don’t think online jobsites are effective, but you’ve got to think that there’s a way of saving a substantial portion of that quarter-of-a-million quid each year.

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